How to walk with the Backpack sign

This is a pretty cool cheat
U can walk and talk with the Backpack sign 
Here's how do do it
1. Go to the Fishing Hole and click on the bath leadin to the orchard

2. But while ur going towards the orchard click Joe and then click the piggy bank

3. This page will open but u'll still be walkin towards the orchard

4. Now wait for a few seconds until ur panda goes in to the orchard
5. Then when u get into the orchard ur panda will have the pack pack sign on it

Now u can walk, talk, sit, dance and sleep with it 

Thnx Blain for tellin me about this cheat

- AltoBhai, Pandanda Cheats ™ Vice President -


Anonymous said...

what keys to use how do you put up the backpack sign on pandanda what keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

draco6 said...

to open the backpack look at the lower right corner of your screen in pandanda then click that and it will come up then you can walk sit dance and talk with it open

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