Bunny Game Glitch

I know, Another glitch.

Okay, so this one is in the bunny game, when you have exactly 10 players, the 10th panda's score doesn't show.

Heres a image:

Click HERE for the close up view of the image above.

Here is an EVEN CLOSER view of the glitch:

And if you still can't see it click HERE for a view of the image up close.

Pretty sweet, huh?

and.. also weird at the same time, huh?

Comment your thoughts!

~Lime12101 Pandanda Cheats™ Creator


Rachiee said...

I haven't found this out yet with my own eyes therefore i will not make a post of it on my own blog

PS: When i type your blog URL(link)onto the address bar on my computer it says: http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp37/IAmKicky/06-04-200909-41-09.png

Hehe i used snagit lol i'm obsessed with the highlighter pen LOL

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